Warranty for Blade Machine 1 Year
A warranty is granted for the Blade® countertop draught system appliances in accordance with the statutory provisions of the country in which the appliance was purchased.
• Parts subject to wear such as seals and valves.
• Damage caused by failure to comply with here required cleaning intervals.
• Damage caused by the use of other cleaning solutions than those recommended by the manufacturer.
• Appliances not used for the intended purpose or not put into operation as stated in the operating instructions.
• Appliances opened and/or manipulated by unauthorised persons.
For replacement or repair of damaged parts that are excluded of warranty please contact BEERSHARK® Customer Support.
The warranty period begins with the original date of purchase. Claims can only be made under warranty if the original invoice or proof of purchase is submitted with the defective Blade® countertop draught system appliances.
Claims made under warranty do not prolong the statutory warranty period.
Extend warranty is available,  please contact BEERSHARK® Customer Support.